Important News for users not logging in from a Portal

The Volvo Truck Product Information (VTPI) system is replaced by a global product information system called Sales Tool Product Information, STPI.
The existing link used for VTPI log on ( will no longer be valid after 24th May, 2015.
The new STPI system can only be accessed from Dealer Portals. Those who do not have access to the Portal will be given access
without any actions from your side.You will get an automatic generated e-mail from system BALDO.
Please contact VTPI Support in case of any doubts or issues.
Following are the links for the dealer portal for different brands:
Volvo Trucks Portal
US Portal
UD Portal

If you do not have a Dealer Portal access please use e-mail Info Trucks Portal for STPI application. Or visit (Trucks / Specifications).